Honoring Fallen Soldiers and Veterans: The Veteran Cavalry in Bronx, New York

Discover how the veteran cavalry in Bronx, New York honors fallen soldiers and supports veterans through their unique approach of using horses. Learn about their history, community outreach efforts, and more.

Honoring Fallen Soldiers and Veterans: The Veteran Cavalry in Bronx, New York

The Bronx, New York is known for its vibrant culture, diverse communities, and rich history. But what many may not know is that it is also home to a group of dedicated individuals who honor fallen soldiers and veterans in a unique and meaningful way - the veteran cavalry in Bronx, New York.

The History of the Veteran Cavalry

The veteran cavalry was founded in 2015 by a group of veterans who wanted to continue serving their country and honoring those who have served before them. The group is made up of former military members from all branches of the armed forces, as well as civilians who share a deep respect for the sacrifices made by our soldiers. What sets the veteran cavalry apart from other veteran organizations is their use of horses. The group's founder, John "Doc" McHugh, was inspired by the traditional cavalry units of the past and wanted to bring that same sense of honor and camaraderie to the Bronx community.

Honoring Fallen Soldiers

One of the main ways that the veteran cavalry honors fallen soldiers is through their participation in funeral processions.

When a soldier or veteran passes away, the group is often contacted by the family to provide an escort for their loved one's final journey. The veteran cavalry members dress in traditional cavalry uniforms and ride their horses alongside the hearse. This powerful display not only pays tribute to the fallen soldier but also serves as a reminder to the community of the sacrifices made by our military members. In addition to participating in funeral processions, the veteran cavalry also holds memorial services for fallen soldiers. These services are open to the public and provide a space for family members and friends to come together and honor their loved ones.

Supporting Veterans

The veteran cavalry not only honors fallen soldiers but also supports veterans in need. The group works closely with local organizations to provide resources and assistance to veterans who may be struggling with physical or mental health issues. One of the ways they do this is through their "Horses for Heroes" program.

This program pairs veterans with horses and provides equine therapy as a way to help them cope with the challenges they may be facing. The veteran cavalry also hosts events and fundraisers to raise awareness and funds for veteran causes.

Community Outreach

The veteran cavalry is deeply rooted in the Bronx community and is committed to giving back in any way they can. They often participate in local events, such as parades and festivals, to raise awareness about their mission and honor our soldiers. One of their most notable community outreach efforts is their annual "Ride for Freedom" event. This motorcycle ride brings together veterans, active-duty military members, and civilians to raise awareness about veteran issues and honor those who have served.

Continuing the Legacy

The veteran cavalry's dedication to honoring fallen soldiers and supporting veterans has not gone unnoticed.

In 2019, they were awarded the "Bronx Veteran of the Year" award by the Bronx Borough President's office. The group continues to grow and expand their reach, with new members joining every year. They are also working on establishing a permanent home for their horses, which will serve as a community center for veterans and their families.

In Conclusion

The veteran cavalry in Bronx, New York is a shining example of how a group of individuals can come together to make a difference in their community. Through their unique approach of using horses to honor fallen soldiers and support veterans, they have created a lasting impact on the Bronx community and beyond. As we continue to honor our soldiers and veterans, let us not forget the dedication and hard work of the veteran cavalry in Bronx, New York. Their commitment to serving their country and honoring those who have served before them is truly inspiring.

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